Check out how you could be rocking the latest manicure trend.

Is your nail polish collection out of control but you simply can’t resist the latest effects and shades? Or maybe you’re one of those people that tend to paint on nail polish and forget about it again until it has nearly all chipped off. Whether you’re a nail aficionado or don’t know a French manicure from Shellac, nails are a great way to finish off your beauty look.

With so many great products out there as well as trendy nail bars popping up all over the place, if you love your beauty but sadly ignore your nails, then it is time to change all that. Having nails that are cool, on trend and easy to maintain is a beauty addict’s dream so jump onto the coffin nail trend today. 

What are coffin nails?!


No, don’t worry we’re not taking our love of Halloween just a smidge too far! Rather than seeing you sport nails straight from the crypt, the name ‘coffin nails’ actually refers to the shape of your nails. Also known as the cuter sounding ‘ballerina slipper’ shape (the name didn’t catch on in the same way as the more atmospheric ‘coffin nails’ did unfortunately), it is taking over. Think of the shape as that happy place between a pointed nail and a totally square nail – it’s named after the shape of a coffin after all.

Why should I love them?


If you are a staunch supporter of squoval, oval or square nails then this trend gives you the perfect chance to shake up your style without plumping for those slightly terrifying stiletto nails that Rihanna seems to get away. Most of us know that squoval nails are the universal choice to flatter our fingers and hands but if they’re flattering, then coffin nails are even more so. The narrow sides draw the eye in whilst the flat top still leaves them looking fairly natural.

How can I shape them myself?


Most nail bars and salons will by now be completely au fait with the latest trend but if you want, you can shape your nails yourself. This look works best on longer nails or at least mid-length so if you’re nails aren’t long enough yet then you can still begin shaping them from the sides as they grow. Transitioning to coffin nails is easiest from almond or squoval shapes; gently file the sides at an angle towards the nail tip before levelling off the top. Remember, less is more when you’re filing! And do finish off with a glass nail file for the smoothest edges. 

Can I still get my favourite manis?


Of course you can! Whether you favour French manis or more ambitious nail art, since coffin nails tend to be on the longer side, you’ll have plenty of room for fun designs. Ombre effects look great on coffin nails, as do geometric designs, matt effects and embellishments. You just have to check out some of the gorgeous ideas kicking around Pinterest for inspiration.

So get interested in your nail beauty again by choosing the coffin nail style!